About Us

SoftReports is an exclusive online affiliate marketing platform for campaign management and in depth analysis of your online marketing efforts. As an invite-only affiliate program, the network specializes in premium downloadable digital products, which are guaranteed to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, conversion rates, ARPU and above all else, customer satisfaction.

Our service provides first class marketing and technical support for all our digital products, so you can be confident in reaching a wider range of potential customers and increasing your ROI.


Highest Conversion
Rates for Digital E-goods

Promote top-of-the-line digital utility products with proven high conversion rates


Partner Benefits
& Flexibility Payouts

Exclusive access to marketing content, newsletters, bonuses and service


Encounter Dedicated
Account Managers

Dedicated and professional account managers, satisfaction guaranteed

Affiliate Program

Our Distribution Partners can use our efficient system to monitor the performance of their campaigns with great accuracy and constantly increase ROI on campaigns in order to reach a wider audience captivity and maximization of their online marketing efforts.